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General Information
  • The Colorado State Legislature has passed a bill, HB08-1110, that will permit homeowners in an urban wildland interface area to deduct a portion of the cost of fire mitigation from their Colorado state taxes. The bill can be viewed at$FILE/HB1110_00.pdf.

  • Sunset Ridge Board of Directors regular meetings are held on an "as-needed" basis. Check this web site for scheduled meetings. All owners are invited to attend. The time and location is announced on the meeting agenda. Contact any member of the Board for more specifics.

  • Cross Country ski trails are available within Sunset Ridge subdivision on the Bridal Trail Easements throughout the subdivision. These15-foot easements, 7.5-feet on each lot, are generally located on the utility easements between lots. Trail grooming is performed by volunteers using a snowmobile and is done as time allows. Please do not snowshoe or walk on the tracks set for x-country skiers, this will destroy the track and make x-country skiing less enjoyable.

       ****Please clean up after your dogs****

  • Trash collection days and county road maintenance activities need to work together. Placing your trash barrel out of the road will allow county snow removal operations to perform their work unobstructed by your trash bin. Set your trash bin in your driveway and out of the plowing corridor.

  • Dogs - We ask that you be sensitive to your neighbors in regards to the freedom you provide your dogs. The County has an enforceable leash law (LINK). Dogs under verbal command can be off-leash. All others must be on a restraining device such as a leash.

    • Always accompany your dogs and never let them purposely run free without supervision.

    • Coyotes and mountain lions are prevalent in these rural areas and your dog could become a victim of these predators.

    • Dogs harassing livestock may be shot by the livestock owners—it’s the law of the range.

    • Use pet waste bags to keep our roads clean(er).

    • Be considerate of your neighbors. Not everyone appreciates dogs running on their property or uncontrolled barking.

  • Preserve our Starry Night Skies

    • The stars are not brighter in the country…the sky is darker!

    • Read more HERE

  • Mountain Pine Beetle

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